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OHSSAI FOUNDATION (Previously Known as OSHAI) is an independent, non-profit making organization registered in India in the year 2015. Being a non-profit organization, OHSSAI has always been the forefront of promoting and advancing Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability, not only in industries but also in the societies and educational institutes.

OHSSAI comes with a unique approach to HSE&S with members comprising of only Heads of HSE&S across the nation, the directors, CEO's and MD's of the companies. OHSSAI thus, primarily consists of the decision making leaders in the field of HSE&S, in their current roles. The theme is 'For Heads of HSE&S, by Heads of HSE&S'. The membership at OHSSAI is scrutinized thoroughly and hence those associated with OHSSAI takes a pride for an investment they have made, with lots of benefits, and sharing innovative solution and networking with the top HSE&S community.

Being Heads of HSE&S we not only own responsibility towards our company where we are employed, but being a responsible citizens and an expert in HSE&S, we also own a responsibility towards the society and community. This is the vision for which the like minded Heads of HSE&S have joined hands towards a drive of making the entire community safe with our tagline "Enhancing HSE Culture" of the nation.

OHSSAI, is hence becoming one of the most respected HSE professional associations of India, with leaders from across the nation joining the drive. OHSSAI has also received an appreciation letter from Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra for the initiatives and drive of Heads of HSE&S. If you too feel that you have a potential and a responsibility to give back to the society, get in touch with us.

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